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Our Products

  • Bearing components
  • Turbine components and sub-assy:
    – Disks, Blades, Vanes, Shrouds, Casing, Rings, Centrifugal Impellers, Rotating Parts Integrally bladed, Disks/rotor
    – Manifolds, Pumps, Brackets, Links, Mounts
    – Composites fan, Composites Aero-Structures
  • Rotating parts:
    – centrifugal impellers, integrally bladed disks/rotors
  • Gear-boxes components and sub-assy:
    – Housing, High Precision Gears, Spur Gears, Double Helical (with ground profile), Ring Gears
    – Worm shafts and worm gears, couplings and frontal inserts
    – Gleason Straigt, Spiral, and Zerol Gears
    – Splined Shafts (Internal – External), Free Wheels, Cams
    – Multiplier and Transmission Unit, Milled Racks, Ground Racks
    – Toothed Sectors, Frontal and Involute Toothing, Toothing With Swell and Profile Correction
  • Manifolds, Pumps
  • Brackets, Links, Mounts
  • Composites fan
  • Composites aero-structures
  • Shrouds (machining, fabrication and brazing)
  • Sheet metal components
  • Broaches
  • Special gauges